Panel Discussion: Clinical Trial Design for Microbiome-based Products

Our Clinical Research team meets together to respond to some of the main questions on how to design a human clinical study for microbiome based-products.

24 mins

Webinar Highlights

Topics discussed

  • What is the normal clinical trial process?
  • What are the microbiome endpoints that you usually look at?
  • When running clinical trials for microbiome-based products would you exclude vegetarians?
  • If you would choose a healthy test population, how would you measure the true health effect of the intervention?

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Shauna Cusack

Over 10 years experience in both research and development and technical sales.

Global Sales Manager
Atlantia Clinical Trials
Shauna Cusack


Gillian Dunngalvin

Understands the interplay between physiological and psychosocial factors in research.

Statistics Manager
Atlantia Clinical Trials

Onthatile Serehete

Holds a background in global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research trials.

Medical Study Manager
Atlantia Clinical Trials