Food and Ingredient Development for Microbiome Modulation

Humankind faces a crisis of non-communicable chronic diseases that encompass pathologies such as obesity (and its co-morbidities), inflammatory bowel diseases, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. Microbiome alterations (dysbioses) induced through lifestyle and diet have been implicated in this development. There is tremendous potential for the targeted modulation and restoration of gut microbiota composition and functionality to combat chronic diseases.

60 mins

Webinar Highlights

  • The latest innovations in the area of nutrition and functional ingredients that enable a targeted and health-oriented modulation and/or restoration of gut microbiome composition and function.
  • Advances in our ecological and mechanistic understanding of how dietary components interact with the gut microbiota in relation to health do now provide a solid foundation for the rational design of food products and medical foods for tangible health outcomes.

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Jens Walter

Focuses on the evolutionary processes that have shaped the host-microbiome.

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