A Review of Clinical Studies in Elderly Populations

In 2018, people aged 65 years or over worldwide, outnumbered children under age five for the first time in history. By 2050, an estimated 1.5 billion people will be aged 65 or older. The healthy ageing industry is expected to become highly competitive and profitable. In functional food industries, differentiation is key. The first step of which is to prove the health benefits potentially associated with products. Human clinical studies are considered the gold standard method for the scientific substantiation of claims by the main health institutions and a powerful marketing and sales tool. However, there are some challenges and considerations when designing and conducting clinical trials involving elderly participants. Join us to unveil the secrets of human clinical studies within an ageing population.

25 mins

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Topics discussed

  1. Ageing global trends
  2. Healthy ageing market trends
  3. Clinical trials in elderly populations
  4. Trial case study

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