Metabolic Syndrome

In this study, we are evaluating a probiotic's effect on Insulin Resistance in those with Metabolic Syndrome.
All participants will receive reimbursement of €600 upon completion of this study.

This study is closed - check back again as we may run a similar study in future.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria:





Study Requirements

What's involved in participating


There are 6 visits over 5 months.


You must consume the food supplement or a placebo daily for 5 months.

Metabolic Syndrome Factors

To take part in the study you must have 2 of the following 4 factors: Raised Blood Pressure, Raised Triglycerides, High Waist Circumference, Low HDL Cholesterol.

Factors Explained

If you are unsure of any of these factors we can check for you in our clinic. You may also be on medications for blood pressure or for cholesterol and this counts towards these factors (a statin counts as 2 factors)

Glucose Tolerance Test

This is a standard test in the diagnosis and management of Type 2 diabetes.The OGTT involves placing an IV. This process involves inserting a thin tube, called a cannula, into a vein. This allows for multiple blood draws without the need for multiple needles.There will be 7 blood draws over the course of 3 hours.The blood draws take place before consuming a sugary drink and after. This is to get a baseline and then to measure the changes, if any, that occur.There will be an OGTT at visits 2,5 & 6.

DXA Scan

This scan is used to assess your body composition and is a painless, non-invasive procedure. There is no cost incurred to you for the scan.During the procedure, you will lie on your back as the scanner arm passes over you.It takes 10-15 mins to complete the scan