Men's Health Absorption Study

This study is investigating the effect of a food product and its absorption in the body.
All participants will receive €250 upon completion of the study

This study is closed - check back again as we may run a similar study in future.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria:





Study Requirements

What's involved in participating


Spermidine is essential for cell growth, antioxidation, and immune regulation. It is present in cells, organs, the cardiovascular system, and in foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese, potatoes, bread, and cereals. You will take the product two times throughout the study.


You must visit the clinic 3 times over 2 weeks.

Blood Sample

There will be a total of 3 blood draws. At 2 visits, participants will be cannulated (this is similar to an IV line in your arm) and undergo several blood draws over the course of 6 hours. Participants will be required to remain in our clinic during this time but may bring a laptop, book, etc to spend the time.
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