Infant Colic Study USA

In this study, we are assessing the effects of a probiotic drops on crying and fussing time in infants with colic.
Parent/Caregiver will receive reimbursement upon their infant completing the study.

This study is closed - check back again as we may run a similar study in future.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria:





Study Requirements

What's involved in participating

Study Schedule

There are 3 visits to our clinic or your home over a 6-week period. During these visits, you will meet with our Study Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to complete study assessments. There are 2 additional visits that will be carried out over the phone.

Study Product

You will be asked to give your infant the probiotic drops daily for 4 weeks.

Study App

You will be required to fill out an electronic diary to log your infant’s crying, fussing & sleeping daily.
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