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At Atlantia, we provide end-to-end clinical trial solutions tailored to each project, investigational product and sponsors’ needs. We are experts at managing every type of human clinical study, whether this is to obtain proof of efficacy, substantiate a health claim or simply to gather credible clinical evidence to support your sales and marketing teams.

We pride ourselves on being a flexible and dynamic company and  we partner with our clients, aligning their goals with their clinical  project, working together to deliver the highest quality validation research in accordance with ICH-GCP standards.

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Endoscopy case study

Case Studies

Our team has put together these clinical trial case studies in multiple topics to help you understand how we have assisted other sponsors in the past to tailor their clinical research programs.

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Learn more about our company through our latest news. Articles have been worked on by members of our team. For media inquiries, please reach out to: marketing@atlantiatrials.com


Many of our clinical studies conducted are translated to published research papers in some of the top nutrition journals. You can discover our latest published work under this section.