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Microbiome Clinical Expertise 

Atlantia Clinical Trials, in collaboration with our academic partner, the APC Microbiome Ireland (independently ranked #1 in the world for research in anti-microbials and therapeutic microbes by Thomson Reuters Science), has developed an integrated solution for client companies to assist in getting a positive EFSA response.


Atlantia’s team of qualified professionals has extensive experience in carrying out clinical trials on many different substrates across many different health areas. Our expert research team will work with sponsor(s) to design and conduct a study most suitable for their investigational product(s), agreeing and applying the most suitable measurements/ end-points and statistically powering studies to ensure that study objectives are achieved and reported.


Frequently companies lack the in-house expertise to dissect and understand clinical results. We work in partnership with our clients at all stages of the clinical study, including regulatory submissions, ethical approvals and publication in peer reviewed academic journals.

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Microbiome Expertise Capabilities

Atlantia has proven tracked record delivering clinical trials making use of the following microbiome measurements, dietary analysis are also an option depending on the investigation goals:

  • Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing

  • De Novo Sequencing  of Genomes

  • Metabolomics / Lipidomics/ Proteomics/ Functional Genomics/ Transcriptomics

  • 16S rRNA sequencing, Re-Sequencing of Genomic Fragments

  • Flow Cytometry  & Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

  • Microbial bioactive screening and identification

  • PCR

  • Translocation across the epithelium

  • Standard & Custom Library Generation

  • Fatty Acid / Bile Acid Analysis

  • Other measurements depending on the specific desired health claim

  • NGP viability and efficacy

  • In vitro cell-based and pre-clinical expertise to ascertain MoA

  • NGP production, stability and shelf-life

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