Frequently Asked Questions

We are transparent with our participants about what our trials offer. We want you to
feel safe & well advised prior to taking part in a study. Find out more as we
answer our frequently asked questions.

What is a Clinical Trial?
What is a placebo controlled trial?
What kind of products do you work with?
What are the steps in taking part in a trial?
What is informed consent?
What are inclusion & exclusion criteria?
What is a wash out?
How long do I have to wait after completing one trial to begin another?
What type of samples do I need to provide?
Who is funding the trials?
Why participate?
Do I get compensated for participating?
What about participant safety?
I am participating in a study, can I leave?
Who is eligible to participate in a trial?
I filled out the pre-screening questionnaire but heard nothing back?
Is my data confidential?
How do I get removed from your database?