Case Study

The Future of Lung Health: A Probiotic Human Clinical Study

Discover how resB Lung Support Redefined Asthma Management in Our Groundbreaking Clinical Trial

The Future of Lung Health: A Probiotic Human Clinical Study

Case Study Highlights

Case Study Overview

In a collaboration effort between ResBiotic Nutrition Inc. and Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd., a groundbreaking study was conducted to redefine the landscape of asthma management. This innovative partnership aimed to explore the transformative potential of resB Lung Support - a cutting-edge supplement designed to tackle the interplay between the gut and lungs, known as the gut-lung axis.

Project Execution

The study followed a 1-month randomised, open-label clinical trial, adhering to the highest research standards. The implementation of the resB Lung Support study was a meticulously designed process that involved several key steps to ensure the study's success and reliability. Identifying suitable participants was a critical aspects of the study's implementation. Atlantia Clinical Trials employed a multi-faceted recruitment strategy, involving various channels such as databases, medical practitioners' offices, and community engagement platforms. The aim was to gather a diverse group of asthmatic and healthy participants representative of the target population.

Challenges and Objectives

The results of the study underscored the safety, effectiveness, and potential of resB Lung Support to positively impact management through the intricate gut-lung axis. All participants, both healthy and asthmatic, exhibited exceptional tolerance to the resB Lung Support blend. The absence of adverse events across the participant groups highlighted the supplements safety profile and its suitability for individuals with varying health conditions. Particularly noteworthy were the significant improvements in lung function observed among asthmatic subjects who received the resB Lung Support blend.

Case Study

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Sponsor & Volunteer Testimonials

Extremely impressed on delivery of project... ”

“Updates were relevant and timely, I never felt that I wasnt informed properly. Extremely impressed on delivery of project during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly a lot of effort and work has been put in to making sure operations have been running as close to perfect as possible.”

- Nutrition Scientist at the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia

very flexible and responsive, very transparent..."

"High quality work, expertise in nutritional intervention studies, very flexible and responsive, very transparent. Atlantia has a personal touch which makes working with you a lot of fun. It was assuring and great to see that the leadership are very knowledgeable and still very much involved in details of the work".

- Nutrition Manager at a global leader in collagen-based solutions

Adaptability with trial design and inputs is great!"

"Adaptability with trial design and inputs is great!  I expect them to be able to answer the questions I have and they always do."

- Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at revolutionary company tackling diabetes, heart disease, and obesity

“I trust Atlantia in their capabilities...”

"I was satisfied of the service provided and I trust Atlantia in their capabilities to conduct successfully clinical trials. We have good previous experience together and I know Atlantia is always improving".

- Nutrition Research Manager at multinational functional ingredients company tackling bone health

“...expertise, way of working and customer friendliness...

"We expected (and got) solution-orientated answers in a suitable time frame, we appreciated the overall service of Atlantia (including the expertise, way of working and customer friendliness)"

- Nutrition Scientist at multinational functional ingredients company tackling body composition

“This disease would of taken another few years to diagnose...”

"Really great people to deal with!!! I have done a few trials and have found them exceptional at what they do. I completed a pill camera trial about 2 years ago. From doing so it was found I had Crohn's disease. This disease would of taken another few years to diagnose had I not done this trial."

- Volunteer who help us and took part in our Video Camera Endoscopy trial

“...very professional and friendly..."

"All the staff I have met have been very professional and friendly and the trials have been interesting, educational and ultimately beneficial to my health".​

-Participant member of our volunteer database for trials

“...everything was explained perfectly”

"Very friendly staff and everything was explained perfectly, also they had to take bloods and I'm the biggest baby when it comes to needles, but I didn't even realise they were finished, they were that good."

-Volunteer who took part in our food bioavailability studies

“... treated me with respect ...”

"I thought that that the staff at Atlantia always treated me with the utmost respect and my health was always at the forefront."

-Member of our participant database who took part in multiple studies
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